Fototerapi/ Phototherapy

Ett projekt i fototerapi, där känslorna av att vara mamma till ett barn med cancer visualiseras.

Tankar och känslor tar sig uttryck i bilden med hjälp av accessoarer och minnessaker. Minnen tar ny form och återskapas till de bilder som aldrig togs, bilder av känslan istället för det på ytan.

Bilder där vardagsmasken för en stund får åka av.

From the very beginning when my son was diagnosed with leukemia I started documenting. I carried my camera as a weapon and shield. As a treasure chest in what to immortalize time. With the fear of loosing my child I tried to construct talismanic pictures, constantly looking for beauty in the darkness. 

Much later, when we were at the end of treatment, when the threat of death started to remove its shadow I felt my pictures were lacking truth. There were very few pictures of myself and I could not find a single one where I was crying or showing fear or anger. My feelings were totally removed except a few where I looked concerned.  

During my studies in photography in Malmö, Sweden, I came over the term phototherapy. I started experimenting and I started reading its theory and theory of photography in general. 

Here you find some of the pictures from my latest project. It is I and two other mothers. 

My hope is to continue this project and that way also continue my own artistic and therapeutic process.